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Guest blog: European Youth Parliament

by Jake Moran and Annie Bowyer, Head Organisers, EYPUK

As Head Organisers of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYPUK) on 12th March 2018, we are delighted to say that the day was a thrill for the students, teachers and team involved. Despite the blanket of grey and pouring rain hanging above it, the fantastic venue of St George’s Conference Centre in Leeds was perfect for turning teams of pupils from different schools into EYPUK debating committees. The committees which were looking at different areas of politics (from the economy to the environment and more) sat in a semi-circle so that they could all talk to each other and see each other, in aid of the friendly and constructive debate EYPUK encourages.

The students did not disappoint in fulfilling this goal. Over around four hours, the schools from across the region debated Britain’s exit from the European Union, issues facing the LGTB community in Chechnya and many other important issues Europe is facing today. Most impressively, every single participant in the event picked up the microphone and spoke. The young people spoke with confidence, consistency and, above all, courtesy to one another. These are the fundamental aspects of a healthy debate, and we, the Head Organisers, were enormously impressed with the effort that the delegates have put into making the day such a success.

Aside from the debates, the delegates heard from Leeds’ Councillor Matthew Robinson, who inspired them with his story about how he entered politics and the motivation to help people which drives him through his every-day life as a city councillor.

We would like to thank the schools for attending, the venue for having us, and Leeds City Council for supporting our event. We are grateful to everyone who was involved in making our event such an enormous success.

Images: European Youth Parliament UK

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