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Virtual athletics challenge connects schools in Leeds and South Africa

Four schools from Leeds and South Africa have partnered together to take part in a unique athletics challenge, led by the Bambisanani Partnership.

Despite the chaos and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, over 130 children aged between 9 and 10 from St. Mary’s Primary School, Horsforth and St. Joseph’s Primary, Pudsey in Leeds and Vumanhlamvu Primary School (Nkandla) and John Wesley Primary School (Eshowe), South Africa, have connected together through a virtual athletics challenge.

Over a period of several months, students were able to explore different athletics disciplines including running, throwing and jumping, while comparing their progress and sharing videos and messages with their international counterparts.

Commenting on the Bambisanani Partnership International Athletics Challenge Mr William Vilakazi, Principal of Vumanhlamvu Primary School said: “This is the first time that my learners have participated in athletics which has been made possible by the equipment and programme provided by the Bambisanani Partnership.

“The learners have loved these fun challenges, setting their own targets as well as competing against others. They were very excited about linking with schools in Leeds and have liked the videos from St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s.”

The Bambisanani Partnership is a Leeds-based charity that uses the power of sport to connect students in Leeds and South Africa. Over the past 15 years the partnership has engaged over 10,000 students.

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