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#Estonia100 – marking 100 years of Estonian independence

Anybody visiting Leeds city centre last weekend might have seen our civic buildings lit up to reflect the blue, black and white colours of the Estonian flag. There’s also been a lot of activity on twitter around #Estonia100. Estonia is currently in its centenary week, the peak of celebrations marking 100 years since the country’s independence was officially declared on 24th February 1918. In fact, all three Baltic States including Latvia and Lithuania are reaching the same anniversary this year, and neighbouring Finland reached it last year. The Estonia 100 celebrations began in April 2017 and they continue throughout 2018 with two leading themes: children and youth, and building a better future together.

Film is an important part of Estonian culture, featuring widely in the anniversary programme, and its most high-profile presence is the internationally-renowned Black Nights Film Festival . To find out more about how this Estonian film festival is helping to shape our vision for film in Leeds and how it can contribute to the Leeds2023 plans for an international year of culture, read the article written by Chris Fell from Leeds Film:

As well as exchanges around film, Leeds is set to forge stronger links with Estonia over the next few months, with a delegation from Estonia set to visit Leeds Digital Festival in April, as well as an Estonian VIP. Watch this space….

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