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Possible All Along – marking the International Day of Disabled People

Disabled artists in Leeds are showing that they are an important part of the city’s cultural landscape with an online exhibition. The exhibition, called Possible All Along, is launched today on International Day of Disabled People, 3 Dec 2020. The project was supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.

Thirteen artists are showing their work, which includes painting, photography, video and sculpture. The art is joyful, reflective, complex and thought-provoking, with pieces to engage everyone. Short statements from each of the artists give further insights into their work.

At the end of a turbulent year, the exhibition acknowledges the mixed feelings of disabled artists to the changes that have taken place. There are positives, as arts organisations are now regularly presenting work and events online and engaging with audiences in virtual spaces. In a world of disabling barriers, the internet offers possibilities for greater access and connections for many disabled people.

But without doubt, the pandemic is affecting disabled people extremely badly, not just in the UK, but across Europe and the rest of the world.

This online exhibition is way for disabled artists to share their work and concerns globally and to make links with artists in other cities to explore possibilities for collaboration. Depending how the next year unfolds, that could be through further online showcases, or perhaps with exhibitions by disabled artists that are displayed both online and in actual galleries. Possible All Along shows what is possible now, and looks forward to an accessible and inclusive future in the arts.

The exhibition can be viewed at

For more information:


Top left – Stronger by Ria

Top centre – Finding Light by Mindy Goose

Top right – Land Shapes by Sarah Francis

Bottom – Access by Alfie Fox

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