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Calling artists, performers and innovators – Leeds International Festival call for proposals is now

Leeds International Festival has launched its call for submissions for the 2020 festival programme and is accepting proposals from artists, performers and innovators with commissions up to £50,000.

Anyone wanting to submit a proposal can do so under the festival’s two key programme pillars which are a CORE and OFF programme. The CORE programme is a platform for ideas and innovation, challenging the understanding of the world, while the OFF programme focuses on live music, performance and food.

Anyone looking to submit a proposal can do so via the festival’s website. The deadline for proposals is 5pm on the 6 September 2019. And for those artists who are local to Leeds, the Leeds International Festival team are hosting a drop in session on Wednesday 7th August from 10am – 3pm at The Tetley – you can pop in anytime between 10am and 3pm. Here you can find out more about the festival and the open call from Gemma Holsgrove, Festival Executive.

Last year’s edition of the festival saw exciting events from the fields of art, science and technology. Highlights included an exhibition and event space in the form of a giant cube, and the ‘Falling Light’ installation at the Corn Exchange, which saw a unique spectacle of light and music.

Leeds International Festival is the UK’s leading metropolitan festival of ideas and innovation and is now in its 4th year.

For more information about Leeds International Festival and the call for proposals click here:

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