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Work experience opportunity in Lille

Our partner city, Lille, has a fantastic opportunity for a young person from, or living in Leeds to spend an 8 month internship working as an Ambassador of European Cultures.

Based with Interphaz, an organisation that promotes citizen participation, international solidarity and youth mobility, you’ll be working to promote intercultural awareness in schools and participating in events about European borders and migration. You’ll also have the opportunity to create a bespoke initiative between Leeds and Lille that will focus on the theme of Europeans in Lille.

Interphaz are looking for someone aged between 16 and 25 years old who has a connection with Leeds and has a basic understanding of French.

The internship will last for 8 months (April 2019 – December 2019) and will be based in Lille (France) city centre. You’ll also receive €577 a month towards living expenses.

Interested? To find out more and details of how to apply, click here.

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