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Thumbs up for Child-Friendly Leeds

A good five years ago Leeds started to substantially reform its services and offers for children and young people and since then hundreds of projects have contributed to the success of the Child-Friendly Leeds programme.

Yesterday, colleagues from Leeds City Council’s Children’s Services shared some of the biggest success stories with our visitors for Esisimo Network Foundation, a new non-governmental organisation from the north of Durban, our partner city in South Africa. The Esisimo Network Foundation is working with children and young people to tackle big issues such as drugs abuse, teenage pregnancies and poverty.

During their visit, our guests heard about the strategies behind the Child-Friendly Leeds programme, the city-wide support of its many ambassadors, new ways of working with restorative practice, and a large range of projects that have positively influenced the lives of many children and young people in Leeds over the last five years. The visitors from Esisimo Network Foundation took away a lot of new ideas around the voice and influence of children and young people, support given to new parents and their new-borns during Leeds’ annual Baby Week, and creative ways to encourage outdoor playing.

Our guests from Esisimo Network Foundation, in turn, shared projects they are currently working on and if you, too, want to learn more about them, you can read more on their Facebook page or their brand-new blog.

Durban, South Africa

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