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Siegener Women’s Run returns for a second year

Leeds’ partner city of Siegen is inviting women from across Leeds to get their running shoes on and support the twinning partnership, as the Siegener Women’s Run returns for a second year.

Taking place from 5-11 September, runners of all standards can take part by running 6.6km on their own or as part of a group. It’s completely free and you can complete the run in a location that suits you! A step-by-step guide on how you can take part can be found below:

  1. Register at:

  2. You will then receive a start number and confirmation email

  3. Run 6.6km using a running app or watch to record your run. This must take place between the 5 – 11 September.

  4. Upload your result to the Siegener Women’s run homepage and download your finishers certificate.

  5. Send your run photos to or post them to twitter using the hashtag #GlobalLeeds

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