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International opportunity for Leeds College of Art students

Lauren Williams from Leeds College of Art describes her recent experience as part of a group of students who travelled to Leeds’ partner city of Lille this spring to participate in the annual “Fete de l’anim” or animation festival. Two students were part of an “animation marathon” whilst two others were part of international teams who produced video-mapping animations on the theme of “the circus” which were projected onto Lille’s opera building – watch it here:

“When I got the email at University that there was the chance to go to France to take part in the Fete de l’anim, I didn’t hesitate to reply expressing my desire to go, despite knowing nothing about the event. I’m so glad that I jumped on the opportunity as the week I spent in Lille is going to be one that I’ll always remember.

Taking part in the Marathon de l’anim’ has been the most stressful two days of my life, but by far the most rewarding. We were tasked with creating a 10 second animation in just two days, and myself and Paul – a graduate of LCA – were teamed up with Theo, a French animation student. Overcoming the language barrier was challenging enough, never mind the stresses of such a tight deadline! However, we were able to work together efficiently and we managed to produce an animation that I am really proud of, especially considering the quick turn around. The final film was screened on the last day of the festival, and it was such an amazing feeling to know how many people got to see it.

Not only did I get the chance to produce some good work, but I also had the chance to see some good work. I’ve been able to attend Masterclasses during the festival, and experience first hand what’s happening elsewhere in the world of animation; not just from industry professionals, but from international students too, some of which I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I feel incredibly lucky to have gone on this trip. I’ve met and collaborated with some amazing people, had my work shown to my biggest audience yet, and overall I feel I’ve bettered myself as a practitioner. I can’t thank Leeds College of Art and Leeds City Council enough for such an enriching opportunity.

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