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Fantastic first mobility

Yesterday saw the end of the first CIVIC project mobility. Five French teachers and playwork managers travelled to Leeds for training on the safe social media site, Makewaves. Joined by their partner Leeds schools (Rothwell Primary, Beechwood Primary and Yeadon Westfield Junior School), the group learnt how to use mini iPads and microphones, which pupils will use to record interviews and make videos about the opportunities for young people in their cities.

The visitors also enjoyed their first Bonfire Night experience. The fireworks were spectacular and everyone had traditional pie and peas and toffee apples at the Visitor Centre with Cllr Judith Blake. Throughout the visit they also enjoyed fish and chips, a tour of Leeds and an afternoon at their partner schools.

In two weeks Leeds will be sending its first mobility to Lille and we look forward to meeting our French partners again!

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