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E-mobility – learning from Berlin and Europe

Leeds has teamed up with a group of European cities to learn about ways to improve green transport opportunities, with a particular focus on e-mobility.

The initiative, called User Chi and led by the city of Berlin , co-creates and demonstrates e-mobility solutions in several demonstrator cities across Europe including Rome, Barcelona and Budapest.

A key element of the initiative is the peer learning programme which will see Leeds join other cities to learn and share best practice on a range of topics linked to e-mobility including the deployment of new electric charging points and on how to motivate private vehicle users to shift to more sustainable and alternative, electric modes of transport.

Electric transport will play a pivotal role in helping Leeds reach its target of carbon neutrality by 2030, as local authorities, like Leeds City Council, look to overcome some of challenges linked to installing new charging points and replacing conventional transport options with zero emission vehicles, like First’s new electric buses.

Working with international partners, through programmes, such as User-Chi,

plays an important role in helping to find solutions to these shared challenges.

More information on the User-Chi programme can be found here.

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