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Climate campaigner visits Leeds in a Steel Wire Ball

Last week, climate change campaigner, Arnd Drossel, visited Leeds on his journey to the UN Climate Conference COP26.

Arnd is travelling 930 miles with a steel wire ball which he is walking in and transporting with a tricycle from Paderborn in Germany all the way to Glasgow via 6 different countries.

Arnd is gathering promises from supporters to encourage small changes that people can make to reduce their impact on climate change. On his journey Arnd plans to visit over 50 cities and meet with fellow climate change campaigners to promote the COP26 event. Arnd has also visited Leeds’ partner cities Lille and Dortmund.

Greeting Arnd was Leeds’ Lord Mayor Cllr Khan, who was keen to share Leeds’ own commitments to tackling climate change and to discuss the city’s net-zero targets for 2030.

Arnd has received help from people everywhere he’s gone, including help with transporting the wire ball across the UK and offers to host him overnight in their homes.

“It has been fantastic to meet Arnd today and learn more about his experiences so far. Leeds is proud to be on a mission to become one of the first carbon neutral places cities in the UK. I hope that residents and businesses find this creative journey inspiring and consider how they can reduce their own carbon footprint by taking actions that are even simpler than walking across Europe!”

You can follow Arnd’s trip to Glasgow on twitter or on his website.

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